Discover How to Start Journaling

Increase Your Happiness & Wellbeing

Have you ever thought about journaling, but you lacked the confidence to get started?

Perhaps a teacher, mentor, coach, therapist or friend has suggested journaling to you in the past, but you never felt ready to get started. 

You may have questioned how journaling could actually help you?

Perhaps you're worried about what might happen once you start writing?

Maybe you've even tried putting pen to paper... but nothing! You were left staring at a blank page, and felt defeated and uninspired.

Well, I've designed this mini-course with you in mind!

Journaling is a wonderful and healthy practice to embrace. It can help you to reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm, and help you achieve all sorts of goals. Your wellbeing can improve and life can feel lighter and much more positive (and there's even research to back this up!)

By completing this course, it's my aim that you'll:

  • Feel inspired and motivated to make journaling a regular practice
  • Understand the many health & wellbeing benefits of journaling
  • Learn and discover the art (and science!) behind reflective journaling AND gratitude journaling
  • Get the "how-to's" of journaling, so you'll feel confident in getting started
  • Lose the self-doubt around whether or not you can do this effectively
  • Never feel 'lost' or stuck when staring at a blank page again - you'll receive loads of ideas within the course for you to download and keep!
  • Gain a whole lot more personal insight to help you live your best life.

Here's some feedback from a recent student of this course:

"The journaling course was great and really helped me to understand journaling and how to get started. It helped that I was able to watch it while feeding my baby. The prompts are so useful and will definitely come in handy!

I started with a relatively easy journal entry yesterday... tonight I spent some time doing gratitude journaling. It's interesting how one entry exploring how I used to have passion for my work, allowed me to realise that I want to feel like that again, and what I can do to get that drive back.

I really appreciated this course. I actually found myself looking forward to getting time to sit down and journal tonight - a sentence I never thought I would say!"

Wendy Gilroy MSocSc., BSocSc. (Psych), Dip.Couns.
Wendy Gilroy MSocSc., BSocSc. (Psych), Dip.Couns.
Founder of Mind Momentum, Women's Wellbeing Coach, Counsellor & Psychotherapist for Mums

About the instructor


Hi, I'm Wendy. 

I'm a mum of two school-aged kids, and a practising counsellor & psychotherapist, and wellbeing coach for women. I'm passionate about supporting mums to release their mum-guilt, overcome stress & overwhelm and live each day with greater joy, calm and happiness.

What's included?

9 Videos
1 Text
4 PDFs

I'm ready to discover how to start journaling. 

I'm ready to feel a whole lot lighter, brighter and happier, and more inspired to live my best life!

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